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Website design and music since the lockdown.

Since the start of lockdown the music world and all it’s participants have been in somewhat of a tailspin. One moment we were singing our hearts out in venues all over the world the next the gigging rug had been pulled out from under our feet with no real idea when it will all start up again. One things for sure live music will be the last thing to return to normal. This is why website design and music go so well together because it was at this moment that the value of having good website design came to the rescue or at least took a bit of the sting out of the tail. Pilgrim St, the band i belong to, had their shop set up just prior to the lockdown and it’s helped when all our gigs were pulled.

Advantage Musicians

Musicians can sometimes get the best deal when it comes to websites because it is a medium that seems like it was created for us. We can show off our photos, tell our story, show our videos, embed our music for people to hear and sell concert tickets. I’m sure there is even more things that i haven’t thought of, so it’s ironic that we’re sometimes the last to get a website because we can’t afford one. This is the very reason that got me into website design in the first place. I knew that my music couldn’t afford not to have a website so i built one myself with BandZoogle and the rest is history.

Websites Design and music does not have to be expensive, as a musician myself i understand the importance of having a good website. Give us a call at 0876258275 or send me an email at and maybe i can help you out.

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